Connections: August 2019—"Glide, Mrs. Duffield, Glide!"

Dear Meeting House Family,

“Glide, Mrs. Duffield, glide!”

So began the first article I ever read by Jill Duffield. It was a guest column in an issue of The Presbyterian Outlook, and for years, the magazine sat in my seldom-used spare bathroom, open to that particular page.

Her words jumped out at me each time I’d come in to clean:  they were the exhortations of a swim instructor as Jill powered through her strokes,  forgetting to breathe, forgetting the glide needed to ride the momentum, and to let her body refresh and reset.

Jill’s article would go on to make the connection between her frantic swimming strokes, and the way we too often live our frantic, frenetic lives.

Fast forward 10 years, and that same Mrs. Duffield is now the editor and publisher of that same magazine—and our upcoming Rally Day speaker!

Some of you may be familiar with her work at The Presbyterian Outlook, but even if you’ve never read it, you have probably heard from Jill. The insights she shares in her weekly lectionary reflections often make their way into sermons at the Meeting House. She has a gift for observing the human condition, for reflecting on how we wrestle with our Christian calling, and for capturing those insights in images and analogies that stick.

I’ve been privileged to get to know Jill  over the past two years as I have served on the board of The Presbyterian Outlook, an independent, nonprofit publication celebrating its 200th anniversary this year!

With articles exploring how we live our faith, stories from local congregations, moving personal reflections, and a host of resources for doing the work of the church, The Presbyterian Outlook seeks to inform, equip, and inspire, all the while navigating the very challenging waters of surviving as a print and digital publication in today’s world. I have been privileged to witness Jill’s gifted and faithful leadership in this endeavor.

I am excited for y’all to get to know Jill this Rally Day, and to give her a taste of life here at the Old Presbyterian Meeting House.

To whet your appetite, I encourage you to stop by The Presbyterian  Outlook’s website, or even consider subscribing.

And don’t forget to glide!

In Christ,

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