The Session

The Session is the governing body of the Old Presbyterian Meeting House. Serving on the session are 26 elders, elected by the congregation in classes serving three-year terms. The pastors also serve as members of session, and the congregation may elect up to two youth elders to serve one-year terms. Together with the pastors, elders encourage the people in the worship and service of God, equip and renew them for their tasks within the church and for their mission in the world.

The Board of Deacons

Deacons are the helping leadership of the church, continuing and extending the work of the pastors to visit and support all our members. Deacons at the Meeting House seek to lead the church in providing a ministry of care and compassion to our members and to the community. Serving on the Board of Deacons are 32 deacons, elected by the congregation in classes serving three-year terms. The congregation may elect up to two youth deacons to serve one-year terms.

Ministry Moderators

The work of the church is done by the people! The Session has created seven ministries to carry out the work of the church. Each ministry is led by at least one member of the session, and is made up of  members of the congregation who commit their time and talent to carry out the mission of the church.

Worship Ministry: Overall planning and coordination of worship at the Meeting House. Also includes ushering, children’s music, adult choir, Concerts with a Cause, producing seasonal devotional booklets, lay readers, the sanctuary sound system, arranging flowers, and seasonal decorations.

Education Ministry: Overall planning for education for children, youth, and adults, including Sunday School for all ages, youth fellowship, and mid-week studies. Also includes the children and adult libraries, Vacation Bible School, the Meeting House Cooperative Preschool, and the Reformed Institute.

Service & Justice Ministry: Overall planning for our outreach to those in need: locally, nationally, and internationally.   Also includes advocacy and social justice, mission trips, Concerts with a Cause, scholarships, an Alternative Christmas Fair, and many local volunteer opportunities.

Membership & Evangelism Ministry:  Overall planning for our outreach into the community, our welcoming of visitors and new members, hospitality and fellowship within our congregation, and special events.

Administration Ministry: Overall planning and organizational strategy. Also includes Personnel, Communications and History and Archives. 

Stewardship & Finance Ministry:  Nurtures the congregation in giving of time, talent, and money; and then manages and monitors our use of funds.

Facilities Ministry: Provides for the care and upkeep of our buildings and grounds, furnishings and equipment. Also includes capital improvements and oversight of the Churchyard Burial Ground.

The Board of Trustees

The Trustees serve as legal representatives of the congregation as instructed by the Session and congregation. They serve as overseers of the Endowment Trust, under supervision of the Session. There are three Trustees, each serving a three-year term.


Class of 2019

Toby Eckert
William Fitzpatrick - Youth
Martha Gibson
Neil Hammerstrom
Olivia Hazzard - Youth
Chuck Jones
Lenore Marema
Helen Mengel - Youth
Jenny Parker
Margaret Rizzi
Tom Roberts

Class of 2020

George Bostick
Gerald Cooper
Jennifer Crawford
Cindy Douglass
Megan Hendy
Laura Osman
Michael Sramek

Class of 2021

Joe Cavender
Catherine Davis
Sandy Davis
Judi Elmore
Allyson Hazzard
Eric Johnson
Alan Matney
Kait Murphy


Class of 2019

Susan Ballou
Becky Bostick
Karen Chipman
Julie Church
Lilly Church - Youth
Lynn Eiseman
Will Lally - Youth
Sarah Murphy
Annmarie Pittman
Tack Richardson
Marcia Smith
Pamela Vetrini

Class of 2020

Marie-France Bunting
Rob Dunn
Tim Elmore
Brandon Hensley
Martha Johnston
Joan Moser
Brent Perry
Chris Pommerer
Beth Roberts
Dave Smith

Class of 2021

Marty Barolo
Bob Harris
Bonnie Leigh
Cleve Lisecki
Joe McCoy
Susan MacDonald
Daniela Ochoa
Margaret Whitesides
Larry Williams
Bill Winslow


Class of 2019

Allyson Hazzard

Class of 2020

Caswell Hobbs

Class of 2021

Anna Davis