The Art of Compassion

The Art of Compassion

9:30 am - 10:40 am

John Freyer (Artist/Author/Educator)

John Freyer is an artist, author, and educator based in Richmond, Virginia whose practice engages accidental audiences in galleries, museums, and public spaces. He explores the role of everyday, personal objects in our lives—as commodities, fetishes, and totems—and investigates how the circulation of objects and stories enrich social ties between individuals and groups.

Freyer’s projects create a space for individuals, groups, and communities to have meaningful conversations about addiction and recovery. All events are open to the public.


Jul 2020

Coffee Hour
Continued Conversation on Race and Justice
Bible Study: "Looking Into the Lectionary"
Gratitude Gathering
Bible Study: How Should People of Faith Respond When God Calls?