Presbyterian Education Board/Pakistan Presentation

Presbyterian Education Board/Pakistan Presentation

9:40 am - 10:40 am

On Sunday, March 31, Veda Gill, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Education Board (PEB), headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan, will speak at the Meeting House during the adult education hour in Westminster Hall. Her visit will provide us with a valuable insight into Christianity today in a predominantly Muslim country while telling of the challenges and successes of the PEB, whose mission is to provide quality education to the poorest of the poor in Pakistan, irrespective of religion, class, or gender.

Ms. Gill has overseen the rebirth of former American Presbyterian missionary schools founded on the subcontinent in the mid-1800s since many of those properties were returned to the PC(USA) in 1998 following years of government control. Literally starting from scratch in some cases, the Board has upgraded curriculum and instruction of its schools to the highest standards while continuing to renovate physical structures to present-day standards. The system currently enrolls 6,000 students, 40% of whom are Christian, in 25 schools, operates four student boarding houses, and sponsors community-based women’s education and welfare programs.

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Presbyterian Education Board/Pakistan Presentation

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