Midweek Connections: Singing Our Faith in an Ever-Changing World

Midweek Connections: Singing Our Faith in an Ever-Changing World

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Dr. Steven Seigart (Director of Music and Organist, Old Presbyterian Meeting House)

In 2013, Glory to God was published and issued to Presbyterian churches across the country, replacing the “blue” 1989 Presbyterian Hymnal, which in turn replaced The Worshipbook (1972), and in some places, The Hymnbook (1955). For mainline Protestant churches, a new hymnal for each generation is not atypical, as political, social, and even theological changes bring new agendas and missions.

This fall’s Midweek Connections series—held the first four Wednesdays in October (dinner at 6, program at 7)—will examine our tradition and indeed, our mandate, to sing our faith, realized through the centuries and manifested in our generation in the current hymnal.

An incredible resource and compendium, Glory to God traces the life and mission of the church from Biblical example through the early church to early Reformers and to the present day. This series will be less talking and more singing and listening as we get to know this wonderful hymnal and, in doing so, deepen our faith. As St. Augustine said, “Those who sing, pray twice,” so join us!


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Midweek Connections: Singing Our Faith in an Ever-Changing World
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