The Meeting House During the 20th Century

The Meeting House During the 20th Century

9:30 am - 10:40 am

Donald C. Dahmann, Ph.D. (Historian and Archivist, Old Presbyterian Meeting House)

At the close of the 19th century, the congregation’s properties (Meeting House, Flounder House/Parsonage, Churchyard, and Presbyterian Cemetery) were conveyed to Second Presbyterian Church. For the next 50 years, Second’s congregation struggled with how to utilize these assets: properties variously served as a place of worship for start-up congregations and special services, as Sunday School classrooms, as a museum focused on Alexandria’s colonial history, and as housing for indigent elderly women.

In 1949, a congregation was re-established and during its first decade, weekly worship services and a Christian education program were established; major societal issues such as the desegregation of public schools addressed; efforts to reunite the Southern Presbyterian Church with the national denomination initiated; overseas mission workers supported; Meeting House restored; Flounder House restored and expanded; the Education Building erected; and the congregation’s membership expanded from 150 to more than 700.

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