"Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room": Advent Meditations (Four-Sunday Series)

“Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room”: Advent Meditations (Four-Sunday Series)

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Katherine Grieb (Professor of Biblical Interpretation and New Testament, Virginia Theological Seminary)

Advent, the beginning of the Christian liturgical year, begins November 29, 2020. The word “Advent” from the Latin “adventus” means “coming” or “arrival.” During these four weeks before Christmas, the Church has traditionally prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ in three ways: in history (as God coming to dwell with us on earth), in mystery (especially in word and sacrament and prayer), and in majesty (returning to judge the living and the dead). This four-week series will focus on the coming of Christ as it is described in hymns, in poetry, and in art. The tone will be meditative and low key, because Advent is such a busy time of the year. Come join us for one session or for all four and bring your questions about the theology of Advent!

Oct 2020

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