Human Rights in Christian Perspective—Free and Equal: Ensuring Human Rights for All People

Human Rights in Christian Perspective—Free and Equal: Ensuring Human Rights for All People

9:30 am - 10:40 am

Allyson McKinney Timm (Founder and Executive Director, Justice Revival)

Beginning with study of Christ’s ministry and teaching, this session explores the ideal of universal and equal human rights for all people. Using racial and gender justice as focal points, it considers the historical and ongoing struggle to uphold the principles of equality and nondiscrimination, which are central to international human rights law and owe a considerable debt to Christian influence.


About the Series

Christian faith and scriptures call us to emulate God’s love for justice. Perhaps we have explored what this weighty matter of justice entails. We may also have an idea about “human rights,”and a sense that this is part of the justice equation. But how do we, as people of Christian faith, bridge the worlds of biblical justice and modern human rights? And what will this mean for how we engage matters of faith and justice in public life?

This series offers insight into human rights from theological, spiritual, historical, and legal perspectives. You’ll be introduced to the concept of human rights and the rich support it finds in the Christian tradition. This program includes an introduction to the international law and institutions that serve as safeguards to universal human rights, and includes tools and opportunities for putting understanding into action by upholding human rights in our own neighborhoods and beyond.

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