Earth Care—Green Storytelling Session

Earth Care—Green Storytelling Session

9:30 am - 10:40 am

Daniela Ochoa (Deacon, Old Presbyterian Meeting House)

How does being “green” and a “steward” of the world around us relate to our spiritual path?

Inspired by the Moth Radio Hour format, a panel of Meeting House members will explore and share their own “green” journeys. There will also be time for you to share about your own journeys—specifically as they relate to your personal spiritual growth.

Questions to consider include:

  • When did you first experience God in nature?
  • How do you demonstrate environmental stewardship and/or leadership at home, at work, or at the Meeting House?
  • Do you have any fun anecdotes or have you had any particular “aha moments” about conserving and preserving our only habitat?

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