Are People with Alzheimer's Disease "Human"? The Church's Response to Dementia

Are People with Alzheimer’s Disease “Human”? The Church’s Response to Dementia

9:30 am - 10:40 am

Stephen Sapp, Ph.D. (Emeritus Professor, Religious Studies, University of Miami)

As a new decade begins, American society continues to emphasize physical appearance, economic productivity, and cognitive capacity as the sources of a person’s worth as a human being. These emphases of our “hypercognitive culture” strip from older people—particularly those with dementia—the sources of dignity and self-worth that they have previously known, leading to loss of hope in a future that looks increasingly bleak. As life expectancy keeps increasing, more and more people face such a fate in our society, especially given the correlation of longer life with increased possibility of dementia. This presentation, drawing upon the Reformed theology of the Christian tradition (with a special guest appearance by John Calvin [!]), will consider alternatives to dominant societal values that can be adopted not only by older people themselves but also by family caregivers and those who provide them services.

Jul 2020

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