Connections—July 2019

Welcome to the first issue of Connections, the Meeting House’s new (and hopefully improved) newsletter. We hope that this new look and deeper dives will be welcome changes.

This isn’t intended as a replacement for weekly announcements, joys, and concerns. However, you will get a chance to learn more about what members, ministries, groups, and staff are doing to live out their Christian commitments.

As Connections continues to evolve, we welcome your fcomments and questions at

Here’s to a new chapter, new content, and new connections at the Meeting House!

The OPMH Staff

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Rev. Stanford discusses how the rhythms of work and rest have been part of our human existence from the beginning. God sanctified time, making the Sabbath holy, commanding that we take time apart from our usual busy-ness to spend with God.

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The Meeting House has a long and distinguished history of spirit-filled music-making. Now, the Meeting House’s Music Ministry turns the page, remaining respectful of its past, but casting an innovative eye to the future.

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Through the Meeting House’s immigrant and refugee program, a promising student in T.C. Williams High School’s International Academy can stay and school and graduate rather than leaving school to cover living expenses.

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VBS Goes on a “Mission”

From July 8–12, children in the Meeting House family and beyond gathered together to hitch a ride “To Mars and Beyond: Explore Where God’s Power Can Take You,” this year’s Vacation Bible School theme.

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