Adult Education for Winter 2021

The mission of the Adult Education Ministry is to help every adult fulfill their potential as a disciple of Jesus Christ. To support this mission, we offer a variety of opportunities, including bible studies, Inquirers’ Classes, topical classes, guest lecturers, and other occasional events.
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  • Except as noted, until further notice, these offerings are held on Sundays from 10–11 a.m. on Zoom. For additional information, please contact Noelle Castin.
  • Check back frequently for classes as they are added.

Bible Study: “Looking into the Lectionary”

Please join us Thursday mornings on Zoom as we prepare for Sunday worship by “looking into the lectionary” and considering one of the passages for the coming Sunday. Using various reflections on the passage as our starting point, we will spend some time in study of the scripture and in conversation about how it relates to our own faith experiences.

To learn more, contact Noelle Castin.

Adult Education: A Year in Review 

Please join us as we begin the new year with the annual Adult Education “Breakfast” via Zoom. We’ll review and discuss past offerings and preview our upcoming classes. All are welcome! Join us with your cup of coffee and breakfast goodies as we come together to discuss all things Adult Ed!

January 17 Healing Through Equine Therapy

Davorka Suvak,  Founder and ex-Executive Director, SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program (Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA)

Davorka Sucak is a dedicated educator, life coach, trainer, riding and therapeutic riding instructor and Para Equestrian trainer. She will introduce the concept of equine therapy and how the interaction between young people and horses can impart basic life skills, teach compassion, respect for others and promote healing in the program’s young riders. Ms. Suvak will briefly review the therapeutic equine assisted activities of the program but will focus the majority of her presentation on stories that illustrate the potential of this program to help youth heal, build confidence, deal with life challenges and learn emotional intelligence.

January 24 Healing Through Art and Medicine

John E. Nestler, M.D., MACP, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, VCU School of Medicine; Physician-Scientist-in-Residence, VCUarts (Arts and Medicine Converge at VCU | MCV Foundation)

Dr. Nestler will discuss art and medicine collaborations at Virginia Commonwealth University focused on medical education and patient care. A goal of these innovative projects, which include the use of virtual/augmented reality, museum visits, improvisation training and other art forms is to enhance empathy and an appreciation of the human experience in the practice of medicine.

January 31 Healing Through Spreading Compassion

Tia Goebel, Executive Director, Compassion Project (Bozeman, MT)

Ms. Goebel will lead a loving-kindness meditation and tell the story of this small town’s effort to bring people together through teaching and spreading compassion. The Compassion Project (CP) team is dedicated to giving teachers and adults tools to be kinder and more understanding toward themselves and others. Tia is excited to share CP’s approach to practicing and teaching compassion through art and mindfulness, as well as the opportunity to meet Meeting House members.

February 7 Healing Within Our Community

Lindsey Yancich, Gallery Manager, The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery is founded on the belief that art possesses the unique ability to help facilitate healing throughout our lives. This class will consider how experiencing art, whether through the process of creating one’s own work or by viewing artwork created by others, influences our sense of self within our community. What do we really learn by experiencing the artwork and stories of different cultures and communities and how can we apply this knowledge to our daily lives and interactions with others?

The Reformed Tradition has been complicit in slavery, segregation, and White dominance throughout U.S. history. At the same time, Black Presbyterians have drawn on deep wells of resilience and prophetic vision to contest such racism and to reframe the tradition from within. Two gifted scholars will present the narratives of African American Presbyterians, including Francis Grimke and Gayraud Wilmore, that refashion today’s church and its theology to serve racial diversity, equity and justice. Speakers will explore such history in relation to this moment of racial reckoning in the U.S. 

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